A Most Played Indoor Sport

The craze of ping pong is increasing rapidly among the people from all over the world. Everyone loves to play this game instead of other kinds of sports because this is a simple game. In this game, there are two to four players can play against each other. The most amazing thing about this game is that you don’t need to make more investment for purchasing the equipment. The beginners can purchase all such things by investing a small amount of money. This is also a reason for which everyone wants to play ping pong on regular basis. If you are wondering for some better tips and tricks to play this game then you should need to know about the fact that there is no any golden rule by which you can become a professional player overnight.

Guide for beginners

When people are playing this game for the first time then they need to spend more and more time for practice. By doing practice in a perfect manner, they can easily become a good player of table tennis. Everyone knows that there are many clubs also present in their local areas where they can apply for membership. By doing this, they can easily go for daily practice and they also get a chance to play with experts players. In this way, they can also get some best tips from them and apply such tips for playing the game next time. There are many people who just crazy about table tennis and playing it regularly with their friends. If you are one of them then surely you have your own table tennis table and other equipment at your home. It is also a good thing that the equipment of such sport is not so expensive and this is the reason for which everyone can afford them with their low budget.

Let’s Get Deep Inside Ping Pong

Ping pong is a sport which is also known as table tennis in some countries and also played by millions of players. For playing this game, the equipment is playing an important role and if you don’t have your own equipment then you should buy them. As everyone knows that for playing this game, you don’t require large space or courts. This is one of the reasons for which most of the people prefer to play table tennis as compared to other sports. You can easily place the tennis table in your home or on the lawn beside your home. By doing this, you can easily enjoy ping pong as an indoor or outdoor sport both. There are many tournaments which held every year and most of the experienced players take part in them in order to show their talent and capabilities.

Moreover, the most important thing while playing ping pong is the type of equipment. This is because there are some rules present in the game related to the equipment. You are not able to change your racket in between the game. people can play the game with their friends as well as siblings to make their free time full of enjoyment.

Things You Should Know About Ping Pong Table Tennis

There isn’t any doubt that playing table tennis is the best way to enjoy some leisure moments. There are lots of games available but table tennis is the called as the best. There are various things which made it awesome. It is two and four player game which is played on national as well as international levels. Both of the players are able to win against each other by earning the points. You are able to spend some time and learn this sports game which is pretty helpful in being a good player. In order to get started, you can find the right place where you are able to play this game. Try this game with your friends and if you don’t know that how to play it then learn the pure basics online.

What Are The Myths?

This is said that ping pong and table tennis is different. There are many claims like technique, points and rules made it different but the truth is completely different. Both games are same with different names this is why some people use a full name like Ping Pong Table Tennis. You can find many places, where you are able to play this game with ease. If you find someone who claims that both games are different then you can ask for the reason because there isn’t any difference. Beginning from rules, you can easily find that both games are same in term of rules.

What’s The History?

This is a Victorian England sports which were made for the upper-class game. Mostly it was played after dinner and the different version of this game was launched by British military officers and this was the time when they started this game in India around late eighteen century. The ping pong name of this game arrived in the early nineties. Now, the game is extremely popular and there are millions of people who play it on daily basis. You can also get started by reading the basic rules which are easy to remember. There is one table with a net in the center, a lightweight ball, and rackets. If you are starting this game, make sure that you pay attention to rackets because this thing plays the vital role. Learn the method to hold it tight and perfect position so that you can hit back the ball. This thing how, a ping pong table tennis is played.

Purchasing A Table Tennis

If you are a good player and willing to purchase a ping pong table tennis then keep this thing in mind that there are many companies who are offering different prices. The main difference in the table tennis is wood quality and the weight. In order to purchase the right one, you can consider the reviews of previous users regarding a product so that you can come up with right product and decision. This is really easy but make sure that you have a good budget before getting started.

Tips and tricks for your success in the game of Ping Pong

Table tennis also widely famous as Ping Pong is a well-known game among all the people of different age groups, cultures and nations. Table tennis or ping pong is an indoor game with a few of the benefits of the outdoor games. It provides you the involvement of your skills along with a little bit of physical activity involved. It also helps you pass your free time with most effective and better way than wasting it ion phone, laptop or internet. Ping pong also helps to build a friendly feeling among the people enjoying it together.

You need to brush up your skills and play very carefully in order to win. The game should be played with true sportsmanship spirit and also with fare intentions and moves, there are also some points and tips you can keep in mind while playing in order to succeed.

  •    There are mostly 3, 5 or 7 sets in the game of ping pong each of them consisting of 11 points. you should make sure to score the maximum points and finish the game in the beginning sets not to pull it further as it will lower your energy and lower your ability to play.
  •    You should use the topspins, these are really helpful when the opponent makes a move with returning the lower ball or while making a serve. Topspins will surprise them and give you a chance to score the point.
  •    You should try the simple forehand hit as it will reduce the opponent’s chance of the return and help you win the point and leading a step to win.
  •    You can use your serving turn for your benefit and turn it into a chance for scoring the point. Serving gives you the choice of molding the game according to your skills and comfort, it can be a great opportunity to beat your opponent.
  •    The simple backhand hit can be helpful for you to manage the losing points and turn it into a winning one. You can use this trick also to surprise your opponent by your next move, which will be totally out of their expectations.
  •    Correct posture should be maintained while playing the game; you should keep in mind to stay in the correct posture, as it helps in improving your efficiency in the game and providing you a higher chance to succeed. You should stay on your toes while playing and also bend your knees and hips by keeping your back straight. This will surely help you perform more efficiently in the game.

Additional point to keep in mind while preparing for the game

Always chose the right and authentic equipment for the game as it will enhance your game to a more efficient and graceful one. Also, make sure to keep yourself hydrated while and after the game as it will maintain your energy level all along the game and make you work and play in a more appropriate and correct manner.

The game of Ping Pong

Before starting to play a game you should be way too sure about having the right and relevant information about it too. The game of Ping Pong is as much interesting as the history behind it. Originated in Victorian England it went through lots of modifications and transformations in the colonial India after taken to the country as a pass time by the British lord commanders and the high officials. After the transformations made Ping Pong Succeeded to achieve the present form of techniques and rule it acquire today. Soon after its exposure to the lower section of the society, it made its journey from one nation to another all over the world.

The story behind its name

The name table tennis was given after rejecting a number of patented names, because of the game’s similarities to loan tennis. Initially, table tennis rose to popularity as it was considered a miniature version of Loan tennis. Almost a decade after the establishment of table tennis as the official name for the game, another name Ping Pong was given by the Chinese because of their history lacking any character named pong. The name ping pong gained popularity too and is presently used by lots of nations as well.

The governing body

The governing body behind the game is International Table tennis Federation (ITTF), it is responsible for all the table tennis all over the world.  The Federation decides the standard set of rules and terms to be used all through the game. All the events and international tournaments are held under the committee’s supervision. The committee has smaller bodies set up through a number of continents and nations around the globe responsible for the game in their areas.

Equipment in the game

The racket

Also known as the paddle in the United States and bat in European and Asian countries, the racket is made up of laminated wood within a semi-circular shape. The racket has rubber sheet covered all over it and also has a handle attached to provide grip to the players. The rubber sheet ensures that the ball bounces properly when hitting the surface.

The Ball

The ball used is extremely light in weight and seamless, made to make sure it is bouncy in nature. To give it the featherweight and small size it is known for the ball is exactly weights 2.7 gm with a diameter of 40 mm.

The table

The table is used to act as a playing surface while the game and is made of special kind of wood to make the game pacing easily. There is a net placed exactly in the center of the table to divide the table into two equal halves. Both the players are given one side of the table to play from.


The game of Ping Pong is widely popular all over the world. All the people of different sections of society adore the game equally irrespective of their gender, age group, race or caste.

What is Ping Pong

Everything has many names and this is same with the sports game ping pong which is well known with other name table tennis. This sport game is popular and lots of people are playing it every day. Those who don’t know that what it is can read the further article. Basically, there is a ball which is served using a paddle and the opponent hit it back toward the first player. There are four sections of the table however when two players are playing it then only two are considered. There is a net which is a simple problem but hard sometimes.  The game continues until someone misses the ball or mess up with a net. There are rules which are followed while playing this game. There are lots of players who are too much expert in ping Pong and if you pay attention to their playing style, then you are able to find that they are using tricky shoots which are helpful in winning.

Need Of Tricks in Ping Pong Game

If you want to win then you need to trick your opponent player. Well, this thing isn’t easy until you know the method of playing properly. Learning the basic things will help you in knowing that what right thing to do is. Watch matches and learn from their playing style. This thing requires complete focus and practice. You can be the top player and amaze your friends however you need to practice hard. This thing can be done with the help of a wall. You can try playing against a wall which will help you out in winning. The basic trick is to spin the ball while shooting back and this thing will change the destination of the ball and the opponent will mess up while hitting it. This thing is amazing but requires practice as mentioned before.

Chances of Losing While Serving The Ball

If you don’t serve the ball right then there is chances that the opponent will serve with speed and it will be in opposite direction you served. Well, this is a kind of trick and sometimes it can help an opponent in earning points. On the other hand, chances of winning while service is more because you can trick the opponent in a spin shot. This thing works for few times but you can win for sure with the help of this method. Legally you are able to make a point with this method.

Final Words

The equipment used in this game is a ball which is too much light in weight. The second thing is a paddle which is also known as with different name and that is a racket. This is made of ply and there are many more types available in it according to the quality. Make sure that you try the one which is easy to carry and play. The heavy one is good in hitting the ball but you can’t get the speed with this thing. The last thing is ping pong table which is the important thing. There is a net on it.